Why get a Shell Fuel Card?

Large Network

  • Shell networks

    Our single-network cards give you access to 1,100 Shell stations across the UK offering coverage across motorways, main transit routes and in towns and cities. The Multi-network card offers acceptance at over 3,800 stations nationwide including the Shell network as well as our partner locations including Esso, Texaco, Morrisons, Gulf, Gleaners and Circle K.

  • On site facilities

    Our on-site facilities include food and drink through our partnerships with Deli2Go and Costa coffee, restroom facilities as well as Wi-Fi and seating areas. Operating a HGV fleet? Our network includes HGV-specific sites offering HGV lanes and high-speed pumps.

  • National or international acceptance

    With our national and international cards, you can choose where your drivers can use their Shell Fuel Card. When you apply for your card, you can decide whether you want to refuel exclusively at Shell fuel stations (Single Network), or at both Shell and partner network stations (Multi Network).

  • Station Locator

    Plan your routes, download maps and find Shell sites nearby with our Station locator so you never have to detour or take diversions again.
    Station locator

  • Shell motorist app

    You can also use the site locator on the road with the Shell Motorist App on the Play Store. Stay time-and-cost-efficient with Shell.

Fuel Management

  • With Shell everything runs smoothly

    The smart and simple way of managing your fuel is here. From performance reports and transactions all the way to blocking or cancelling cards and ordering new ones. Take control and get your business to roll further with us.

  • Visibility and control over fleet costs

    Fuel is one of the world’s most valuable assets. This is why we’ve created an online platform to enable you to keep track, visualise and securely save all of your fleet’s transactions. Increase your fuel efficiency with our exclusive tools, both on desktop and mobile. Shell Fleet Hub enables you to set up reports to monitor everything from fleet fuel consumption to transactions and exceptions, and you can even get everything emailed to you on a regular basis.

  • Card management

    Order new cards or cancel them quickly and easy, add new groups and users as well as setting limits and alerts for unusual activities. Customise your Shell experience and make the most of your business.

  • Savings you can see

    Some see a card to pay for fuel. We see opportunities to save you money. Receive VAT quickly to improve cash flow, help resource planning and reduce administration costs. Shell fuel card customers can receive VAT in as little as 14 days from date of invoice, improving cash flow and resource planning.

  • Fraud Protection

    Shell offers you a wide range of tools to help you keep things in order. Card blocking 24/7, suspicious activity alerts and a secure online platform that keeps all transactions safe and secure. Fraud prevention and detection with us can mean cost savings for you. Every Shell Fuel Card is protected by an individual card PIN, adding a further layer of security. Every card can also be embossed with an individual vehicle number or driver’s name, helping encourage your drivers to look after cards carefully.

  • Immediate liability switch

    As soon as we receive your cancellation confirmation in writing, Shell accepts liability on all subsequent transactions.

  • Shell quality fuels

    With an annual investment of $1 billion in Research & Development, our fuel portfolio offers you and your business fuels designed to give your fleet their best performance and efficiency. Shell FuelSave Diesel Prevents the build up of deposits on fuel injectors, ignites and burns more effectively than standard diesel and protects against foaming to help reduce time to refuel. V-Power Nitro+ is formulated to keep engines fit and strong, our V-Power contains 99% of the same compounds as our Scuderia Ferrari race fuel.

Shell Fleet Hub

  • Improved security and fraud protection

    With the range of smart email alerts on Shell Fleet Hub, you’ll be notified as soon as any unusual Fuel Card activity is detected. You can set up alerts that trigger purchase limits are exceeded, or if a card is used at the wrong time or place.

  • Visibility and control over fleet costs

    With Shell Fleet Hub enables you to set up reports to monitor everything from fleet fuel consumption to transactions and exceptions, and you can even get everything emailed to you on a regular basis.

  • Secure online invoicing

    Receive, store and share invoices electronically. Shell Fleet Hub's search facility means you avoid wasting time trawling through your paper archives for a particular invoice — and it’s more secure, too.

  • Complete card management

    When it comes to managing your fuel account, Shell Fleet Hub lets you do it quickly and easily. Order and cancel cards, add new users, manage your card groups, change card details, and much more.

  • A complete online management solution for your fleet

    Stay on top of your business’ fuel cards with Shell Fleet Hub. An easy-to-use online platform that enables you to keep track, control and manage all of your fleet’s fuel needs.

  • Complete account control

    Manage card usage, set limits and restrictions and get immediate access to e-invoices online. The ability to order new cards and set customised pins are among many other customisable features.

  • Security

    Get alerts when a card transaction is suspicious and have the ability to quickly block transactions 24/7, as well as being able to keep your invoices and transactions private and secure.

  • Instant customised reports

    Get a clear overview of your fleet, generate clear and concise reports including instant customise transaction, vehicle consumption, fuel expenses and take control of expenditure. Keep track of your business’ bigger picture 24/7 by monitoring driver behaviour and transactions.

  • Shell Fleet Hub App

    For those managers who are always on the move, we’re happy to introduce the new Shell Fleet Hub App. Available on any web browser or device, you’ll be able to access e-invoicing, order new cards, check back on transactions up to 24 months old and many useful features.

Wi-Fi Icon

Improved Convenience, Savings, and Security

As your one-stop business partner, we’re constantly finding new ways for your fleet to operate more sustainably and efficiently on your journey to a lower-carbon future. Shell Fleet Solutions has a range of business benefits including our home, office, depot and on-the-go charging solutions.

Our Shell Card will give you access to a rapidly growing network of over 20,000 charge points in the UK and over 500,000 across Europe.

We can work with you to offer your employees and business the following EV charging solutions:

  • Home charging with automatic reimbursements for business milage or work with Ubitricity on getting more street charging on your employees streets
  • Office charging
  • Depot charging
  • Charging on-the-go
  • Integrated software solutions to help manage your TCO

Wi-Fi Icon

Savings & Security

Fraud protection

Our Shell Cards come with an RFID enabled card, Chip and Pin for extra security and protection. Rely on 24/7 fraud detection team and card blocking, suspicious activity alerts and a secure online platform to keep all your transactions safe and secure.

Secure online invoicing

Receive, store, and share invoices electronically with details of all service charges and transactions included. Shell Fleet Hub's search facility saves you valuable time trawling through your paper archives for a particular invoice or service. One invoice for your fleet transactions.

Integrate your solutions

Work with a business who understands your business needs, Shell can provide you with access to integrated mobility solutions and savings. We will work with you on understanding your needs and providing solutions that help reduce your total cost of ownership.

Shell Fuel Cards In Focus

Why get a Shell Fuel Card

Whether you business is local or international we have the fuel card to suit your needs. We look at every detail and offer the tools and services to help reduce operating costs so your fleet performs better.

Shell Telematics for Fleet Management

The new Shell Card allows fleets to access a range of products, including electric vehicle (EV) charging. Refuel & Re-charge with Shell NewMotion anywhere!

E-mobility with Shell

The new Shell Card allows fleets to access a range of products, including electric vehicle (EV) charging. Refuel & Re-charge with Shell NewMotion anywhere!

Services for International Fleets

Is your fleet travelling into Europe? Find out more about the comprehensive road services available to Shell Card customers, making European travel more efficient, seamless and less complex.


  • Read the transcript

    (Music starts)

    Michael Beech (Finance Director at Wellock’s at 0.04)
    Wellocks is a family owned business. It's still the same family as it was when it started in 1946 on a small market stall in Yorkshire.

    (Music Break)

    Wellocks' success is down to sourcing the finest ingredients and being able to supply to the best chefs and hoteliers throughout the country. It's also really important for us that we deliver a good service whereby we can get those goods to chefs at the right time throughout the country.

    (Music break)

    (Wellock's truck on the road)

    The business has grown massively over the last five years. Only five years ago we were employing 70 people, we now have over 400. Vehicle wise there's over a hundred on the road across four sites two down south, one up north and we're based here at the head office in Lancashire.

    (Wellock's truck comes to a Shell Station)

    We're making deliveries all over the UK. A thousand deliveries a day, six days a week. So having a petrol station where we need it on those 110 routes is absolutely critical to us. We decided to partner with Shell Fuel Cards directly as we can monitor fuel activity and we can monitor miles per gallon on vehicles and drivers so it helps me drive the financials of the business, which helps us invest. It allows me to drill down into transactions and I can understand what we are doing out there when I'm sat in an office in Lancashire and I can know we're filling up in Brighton, in Scotland, in Liverpool or in Norfolk.

    (Customer is looking into Shell Hub and working on it)

    That's really good that I can see what's going on and I can understand what's going on. To get the consistency is really important because we can understand the miles per gallon per vehicle.

    (Drives goes into Shell Site)

    If you had a mismatch of fuel, it would be difficult to understand that because different fuels have different qualities. So I can take a view on whether a driver needs perhaps additional training on how to drive more efficiently and we can do all that by looking at Shell Portal and accessing it online.

    (Driver gets into Wellocks' truck)

    We really want to look after our drivers as we do with all our staff. We want a partner on the road who can look after our drivers with us, so having Shell Petrol Station and having a clean station whereby they can go in and get something nice to eat and something nice to drink, use the facilities, that's really important to us.

    (Wellocks' car going)

    It makes me feel proud. I'm proud to operate and work with a premium supplier like Shell. It gives me as Finance Director the peace of mind that in the background they are going the support me. They are going to look out for any unusual transactions.

    (Wellocks' staff working)

    It's a business of sufficient size to operate with a business of where we are going. Given that we've grown from only turning over nine million five years ago to 50 millions this year. I think world is our oyster. We just wanna keep growing, we want to keep our service absolutely at the right levels, that's really critical to us and we want to be the supplier of choice to the finest hotels and chefs in the country.

    End of speech 2.44

    (Video darkens)

    (Shell jingle plays)

    (End of video 2.56)

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